2013 Attendees
This is the list of those who have paid for the their Reunion tickets.  Many others have indicated they will be attending but have not paid to date.
Henry Shuster and wife Jane
Ken Pool
Elaine Bishop Evans and husband Rich
Sue Irish Hamilton and husband Doug
John Slater and wife Cathy
John Weston per John-I'm departing Providence RI on September 2, hoping for an on-time arrival in Birmingham by bicycle. I'm looking forward to being there.
Coach Corey Van Fleet
Ann Bullock Dahl and husband Richard
Carol Goddard Price
Janet Brookman
William Meuser and wife Maureen
Terry Beal and wife Sunwha
Barbara Bottler Stecker
Cynthia Roberts
Randy Sims Busch  and husband Phil
George Ludden
David Sanders and Wife Jan
Barbara Maxson Shotwell and husband Jeffrey
Alice Patton Fulton
Michael Doback Jr. and wife Dianne
Lynne Wilde McCurdy and husband Ron Cerri Telli
John Mouw and wife Rika
Kathleen O'Connor
Doreen Henderson Miller
Jack Trumble and wife Virginia
Jerry Lohla and wife Roberta (Straley '65)
Robert and Sandra Strom Wolf
Roxanne Dameron Hill
Ellen Webster Goff
Wayne Moore and wife Janet
Jose Luis Jaime
Becky Hubbard Hale
Kathy Derrick
Raymond "Budd" Jobson and wife Marlene
John Brown and wife Susan
Kim Bateman and wife Judy
Geoff McPartlin
Mary Lou Bunyan Young
Janet Balmer Quiring and husband John
Robert "Bob" LaMarre and wife Barbara
Jay Shutt
Thomas Brooks
John Swayze
Bonnie McDonald Bull and husband Don
Tracy James James-Bowman
Audrey McMinn Barone and husband John
Doug (Deke) Livy and wife Wendy
Robert Cruickshank
Marnie (Marilyn Mitchell) Ainsle
Sandra K. Root Bright Pod
Kathy Torrence Birch and husband Bobby
Steve Lockhart and wife Betty
Marti Miller
Rich Gibson
Jim Foster and wife Sue
Elaine Hudson
Mike McKenzie
Dory Alexander Hulse and husband Murray
Patricia Wyatt Ali
Gary Witbeck and wife JudyDittrich (Groves '67)
Jim Berridge and wife Linda
Bill Semar and significant other Joan Kotowski
Ed Riordan and Mary Hoadley
Craig Wilcox and wife Kate
John Dove
Bob Williams and friend Lisa Varnier
John Beechler
Janet Ahern Martin
Mike King and wife Carol
Don Lystra and wife Doni
Ron Rowe
Trudi App Hill
Linda Henry Ruiz
Liza Greig Bryant and husband Mickey
Tom Montgomery and wife Cathy
Walter Dawson and wife Laura
Lou Randall all the way from Australia
Janet Morley Torok
Bob Buck
John Meeske
Don Alcorn
Eric (Rick) Carlson
John Holland
Jeanne Rouse Williams and husband Douglas
John McCullough
Patti Ball Blakemore and husband John
Brad Ruggles and wife Sandra
Lillian Jackson
Sue Crandell Feldwisch and husband Bob
Ron Lotero and Caregiver Scott
John Strang Seaholm '62 and wife Gay
Fred Post and Denise Knox
Janet Lorimer Hildebrandt and husband Phil