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High School Photographs
Steve Lockhart, Kim Bateman and Richard Hook auditioning for Beauty and the Geeks in the 60s
Mike McKenzie uses his four years at the University of Michigan to get a high paying job
June 1962 - Gary Webster, Kim Bateman, Mary Lou Bunyan,Wayne Moore, Ellen Webster, Diane Inman Front Row - Steve Lockhart, Kathy Derrick, Richard Hook
September 1960 - Pat Roach and Diane Inman
Michele Roberts Cross
Marilyn Dick and ? Bob Graham;
Dave Kennedy in 7th or 8th grade;
Pat Koren,Maria Savonuzzi,Marilyn Dick, Mike Jochim, Meril Penn
Pat Koren & ?.
Mike Jochim and Tally Adams in a bog
as part of Honors Biology in the fall of 1962
Mike Jochim, Janet Balmer, Nancy Putz, John Weston and Tally Adams from the honors biology class
Pat Keough and Bonnie McDonald Bull. Graduation Day, June 1963.
Our 45th Reunion
The 25th Reunion
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'63 Remembers
8th Grade Barnum JHS Groves/Seahom '63
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