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Scott Woodison
Director, IT Audit Univeristy System of Georgia Married 2
It has been wonderful looking at all of the pictures on the website and remembering what a great time we had at Seaholm.  The picture of Kermit Ambrose just made the day.  He taught me so much and I remember him fondly.

I am still working after 40 years and fifteen moves around the US and the world. (My daughter was born in Japan.)  My wife, Caryn, and I live in Atlanta and have a house in Charleston, SC to be near two of our five grandchildren.  Life has been good and Caryn and I just celebrated 39 years of marriage.  I was sad to see the members of the Class that have passed on.  I remember all of them well.  Have a wonderful time at the Reunion if I don't happen to make it.
Scott Woodison
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Ton Uytenborg
Energy Consultant Married
Foreign exchange student from Holland year 63 then known as Anton Uilenbroek Send Ton a MessageSend Ton a Message
Trudi App (Hill)
teacher Divorced 2
Hi, Everyone!  I look forward to meeting many of you again this September.  I moved back to Michigan in 2003 to get to know my grandsons, Ethan and Cameron.  For thirty years previously I'd lived in Toronto, working in advertising media.  Now I've trained as an English teacher for another late-in-life sort-of career!  Naturally the only pictures I have on file are of my grandsons.  I'll hunt around and post later. Please get in touch (email: ; I'd love to hear from you. Send Trudi a MessageSend Trudi a Message
Trudi App (Hill)
retired Divorced 2
It's been fun and occasionally sad reading the entries on this website.  Thanks Kim for maintaining it and organinzing it.

I just got a letter from M. Giovanna Savonuzzi and it inspired me to write her, and connect with you all.

I spend my time between West Bloomfield and Toronto - between the families of my two sons.  I love being a grandmother and am very fortunate to have such lovely families.

My sister, Sarah (Seaholm '65) found this website.  Are there other sites for other classes?

Please connect!  I would love to hear from you.

Remembering fondly,

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Whitney Betty Rush (Jonas)
retired teacher Divorced
I have never been so happy to move back to Michigan this year and reside in Marshall. I taught for 14 years in Grand Rapids and 24 years in Lake Bluff, Il. I retired June 2007 and moved here in August. I am volunteering for Marshall Habitat for Humanity and I have a new church and new friends. Send Whitney a MessageSend Whitney a Message
Will Conway
After years in an occupation of which I dare not speak in various locations around the world, I am now pursuing more socially acceptable interests and seeking redemption at a college of art.  With any luck at all, it will happen. If not, my passport is ready and I'm moving to Ireland. Send Will a MessageSend Will a Message
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